FAQ about automated website testing

TESTIFY is an agency for automated website testing. Since 2013, we have been advising and supporting customers in automated testing of their website and stores.

We help you not to lose leads and customers without noticing it.

What is meant by automated testing?

This refers to recurring testing without manual intervention. The terms automated testing or test automation are often used synonymously.

How does the automated testing of TESTIFY work?

TESTIFY focuses on end-to-end and API testing.

With this method, we simulate the behavior of users under real conditions and test the complete flow of applications on a website and its subpages.

In this way, we find concrete malfunctions that would otherwise not be detected at all or too late and have a detrimental effect on user experience and purchasing decisions.

What are end-to-end tests?

End-to-end testing checks the entire process for functionality and quality from the customer's point of view. The usability of a website or a store can be checked directly.

What are API tests?

API means Application Programming Interface. This is a kind of interface between two applications. API tests check if the APIs works as expected.

What is special about automated testing with TESTIFY?

Our tests are individually adapted to the applications. The testing time is reduced from several weeks to a few hours in comparison to manual testing by developers. This saves our customers time and money.

Our tests ensure 10 times faster bug finding. We ensure a positive and error-free user and customer experience on our clients' websites and stores.

On top: We automatically record these visual errors during the workflow by video and make this information available. Even people without IT knowledge can understand the errors that are found and react to them. On request, we provide support in fixing the errors.

Which systems does the TESTIFY team use?

We use Cypress.IO and Codeception.

What can be tested with end-to-end tests?

Any application on a website that a user can use can be tested. This includes logging in to a page, filling out and submitting forms, the ordering process by end customers and users in stores, and downloading documents.

Why should I use automated tests?

There are many reasons why using automated testing could be worthwhile for you:

- Previously unknown or missed errors can be found on user sites through the realistic test sequences.
- Even people without IT knowledge can detect and check the errors.
- Developers and responsible persons can use end-to-end tests to test    all processes including complex applications on websites and in online stores in a time-saving manner.
- The quality of the customer experience is constantly monitored. This prevents frustration among customers and users due to bad user experience and prevents high bounce rates.
- Automated tests are on average 10 times faster than manual testing by a developer.
- Costs and time are saved.

What risks can be avoided through end-to-end testing?

Yes, software systems are complex and consist of various subsystems. If one of these subsystems fails, the function of the entire software system is at risk. End-to-end tests help to avoid these failures by identifying critical errors in time and then correcting them.

What differentiates our end-to-end testing from classic monitoring?

Testing simulates a real user and their behavior on a website. Monitoring simply logs if a website is working and then gives a status message based on specified parameters.

At TESTIFY, we check on request whether it is really a bug and needs to be fixed so that business is not endangered.

Do any adjustments need to be made to my website or store?

We work with the existing HTML code on the website and just add our code for automated testing.

How do I know if there is an error on my website?

We document the error via video and send the video either by e-mail or as a Slack message.

What are the costs of automated testing?

We create an individual code, which is implemented and charged once. We calculate a monthly flat rate for reporting, support and maintenance of the infrastructure.

The tests can be run as often as you like.

Why should I work with TESTIFY?

Since 2013, we have been helping companies and organizations to provide their users and customers, with the best possible experience on their websites and stores, with our automated tests. TESTIFY combines early error detection and correction to achieve the best possible user and customer experience. As an owner-managed agency, we make our contribution to the economic and customer-oriented success of our clients.  

We are the agency for automated testing that thinks with you, advises you and accompanies you.

What values does TESTIFY represent?

We are convinced that a trusting and successful cooperation is based on shared values. Sustainability, transparency, social commitment and goal-oriented work are our core values. For this reason, we only work with companies and organizations that treat their customers as equals and with respect. We attach great importance to sustainable and goal-oriented work, combined with a high degree of transparency. That is why we calculate exact to the minute and not started hours or similar and every step of our work is traceable.

Sustainability and social engagement are elementary for us. We regularly share our knowledge at conferences and in open source projects. Learning from each other is very important for us. Therefore, we organize regular community events where we teach website testing to interested developers in order to develop the knowledge in the long term. At the same time, we network employers with excellent professionals at our events and actively help to prevent the shortage of skilled workers.

Which companies have you already worked with?

Our customers are from the service sector and we have already worked with Discounto, SEABO, Krankikom, Ressourcenmangel and SIT and many others.

You want to know if your company is also a candidate for automated testing? Then contact us now! Make an appointment here!