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TESTIFY base tests with Cypress.IO

In the digital shopping world, a smooth user experience is crucial. TESTIFY Cypress tests help ensure that your e-commerce or web design project meets the high standards of today's online customers. 

The best part? Our tests are open-source, which means they're constantly being improved by the community. We encourage everyone to provide feedback and actively use the plugin.

For those looking for a seamless integration, our tests can easily be integrated into your CI/CD pipelines. More information can be found on our TT Pipeline snippet page.

Command overview

Below we offer you an overview of the various commands of our Cypress.IO Base plugin. 
On our YouTube channel you will find showcase videos for some of our tests listed here. Click here for the Playlist

Cypress.IO Base Test for Cookie Acceptance
Cypress.IO Base Test for Cookie Acceptance

Image validation for impressive product presentations


Command: cy.ttValidateAllImagesResponseStatusOk()
Any image that doesn't load could mean a lost sale. Our image validation ensures that all product images are displayed correctly and in the highest quality.


A customer browses an error-free online shop on her tablet
A customer browses an error-free online shop on her tablet

Check availability of the imprint


Command: cy.ttValidateImprintClickable()
An easily accessible legal notice underlines the seriousness of your online store and creates trust among your customers.


Two customers are happy about the fast loading of the product page
Two customers are happy about the fast loading of the product page

Accessibility for all customers


Command: cy.ttAccessibility()
Make your store accessible to everyone, regardless of individual needs, and expand your target group.


Check accessibility on websites with Cypress.IO tests
Check accessibility on websites with Cypress.IO tests

Content validation for always up-to-date product information


Command: cy.ttValidatePageContent()
Accurate and relevant product information is crucial to your customers' purchasing decision process. Our content validation ensures that your content is always up-to-date and accurate.


Clearly structured content for a better overview

Command: cy.ttOnlyOneH1()
A clearly structured online store helps customers to find what they are looking for more quickly. The one-headline principle makes it easier to navigate through your product pages.

Transparent monitoring of Google services


Command: cy.ttValidateNoGoogleServices()
Ensure transparency and data protection by monitoring the use of Google services in your store and informing your customers.


Überwachung der Google Services
Überwachung der Google Services

Professional error handling for fewer abandoned purchases


Command: cy.ttInvalidPath404()
Good handling of not found pages can make the difference between an abandoned purchase and a continued purchase. Our solution ensures that your store always reacts professionally to errors.


Multilingualism for international customers


Command: cy.ttValidateLanguageTag(language: string)
Appeal to customers worldwide by ensuring your website uses the correct language tags to optimize the shopping experience for international visitors.


Multilingualism - essential to appeal to international customers
Multilingualism - essential to appeal to international customers

Security and trust through secure connections


Command: cy.ttDetectHttp()
Offer your customers a secure shopping experience by identifying and eliminating all insecure connections. This will create trust and increase the likelihood of sales.

Console error detection for an error-free user experience


Command: cy.ttNoConsoleErrors()
Error messages in the console are often the first sign of deeper problems on a website. Our console error detection scans the browser console for errors as users navigate through your store. This allows us to ensure that users have a trouble-free experience and that all website functions work as intended. With this test, we minimize the risk of undetected errors that could affect the user experience.

Outdated HTTP links represent an unnecessary security risk for your website
Outdated HTTP links represent an unnecessary security risk for your website

Threshold check for optimum performance


Command: cy.ttCheckLoadThreshold()
Slow loading times are one of the main reasons for website abandonment. Our threshold check test ensures that your website loads quickly and efficiently by monitoring the weight of the page and confirming that it remains below a set threshold. With this test, you can be sure that customers are not lost due to long wait times and that browsing your store is a smooth experience.

Comprehensive website quality assurance


Command: cy.ttRunTestifyBaseTests()
A smooth shopping experience is crucial for e-commerce success. This command can be used to run all our basic tests and thus uncover potential problem areas.

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