We find bugs. Automated.

<span>We find bugs. </span>Automated.
Your Testing Team


10 times faster testing increases the security as well as the efficiency of your application. As an external partner we support your developer team with our automated tests and test the entire application. We are specialized in software quality and deployment pipelines with a focus on E2E and Api testing. The automated tests are reliable, customizable and flexible. Bugs are not only found they are also made visible through video plus screenshots documentation.

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WEBSITE-TESTING – We are your external partner

- Relief of internal resources

- Quick Feedback
- Accessibility via videocalls

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Test documentation - video and screenshot

- Video recording
- Screenshots of all bugs
- SAAS service provider test

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Bug Hunting – A passion for testing

- Focus on E2E and Api-Tests
- Know-How for Open-Source-Projects
- International community